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About us

S.C. Pro Toby S.R.L.

    Our company has constantly and continuously individualized itself on the market of engineering project design companies of hidroedilitary constructions and environmental engineering

    Our high standard team of well trained engineers have designed over 250 engineering projects for different investments in the development of water supply and sewage networks, financed by different funds as S.A.P.A.R.D., I.S.P.A., F.D.R., R.I.C.O.P., P.H.A.R.E., F.E.A.D.R, State Budget, Environmental Fund, other EC funds, as well as some other private funds. Some water supply systems, as well as sewage systems(treatment plants and networks) need to be mentioned as they meet the high standards of a complex, fine detail design, creative solutions to the design issues being provided.

    Since 2005 our team of engineers have also done all the neccessary specific studies and technical-economical documentations for projects, over 100 studies on the quality of waters, topographical, geotechnical studies, and especially, technical-economical documentations which provided analyses and various design solutions. Topographical and geotechnical studies were specific for more than 30 locations, and water quality studies focused mainly on industrial waste flows and targeted the considerable reduction of charges and quantities of waste waters at waste water plants inlets, by a better management of it.